Rhea Ripley on What One Fan Wanted Her to Do to Him During a WWE Live Event

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Rhea Ripley discussed her interactions with fans at various events during an interview she had with NYPost.com.

“People love to hate us and that’s something not many people can do, go out there and have people sort of think that your cool and then absolutely hate you and what you do at the same time. It’s been really fun for me going out there screwing with the fans. A lot of times it doesn’t get caught on camera, but lately, it has been. It makes them feel like their part of the moment. So when it gets caught on camera, I love it so much.”

“Most of the things [fans say] I’m not allowed to say. (Laugh) But there has been a lot. I’ve had people make signs, some of them very inappropriate. I’ll lash back at them. At one of the house shows, I had this fan and he was like, ‘Rhea, spit on me.’ I’m like, ‘What? You want me to what?’ Dom was there and that was another moment for us. ‘Dom this man just told me to spit on him.’ ‘He what?’ ‘You gonna do something about it?’”

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