Rhea Ripley Opens Up On Being Someone Fans Think Is Cool But Still Getting Them To Hate Her

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Rhea Ripley isn’t afraid of a little heat.

In fact, she quite enjoys it.

The women’s wrestling star spoke with the New York Post for an interview recently, during which she spoke about working with Dominik Mysterio as part of The Judgment Day and how she enjoys being someone fans think is cool but hate at the same time.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where she touches on these topics with her thoughts.

On how she would describe the relationship she and Dominik Mysterio are portraying and how much input they have in the presentation: “Me and Dom Dom, we’re just going out there and we’re having fun. We’re being menaces to society and just going out there and doing whatever we want. We’ve definitely put our own spice onto it. This all just started from me wearing an “I’m Your Papi” shirt. I knew that I was coming back and I knew I wanted to screw with Ray on his (25th) anniversary. I was like you know what, I’m going to order this shirt and wear it on TV and that was it pretty much. After that it kind of like stuck and it created this whole story that’s been going on that eventually ended up with Dom joining The Judgement Day. A lot of it is us going out there and just having fun, not really taking anything too seriously and knowing we want to go out there and screw with people and their train of thought.”

On whether or not she thinks that is why the audience has taken to it so much: “People love to hate us and that’s something not many people can do, go out there and have people sort of think that your cool and then absolutely hate you and what you do at the same time. It’s been really fun for me going out there screwing with the fans. A lot of times it doesn’t get caught on camera, but lately, it has been. It makes them feel like their part of the moment. So when it gets caught on camera, I love it so much.”

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