Rhea Ripley Talks About Being Compared To Chyna

Rhea Ripley and Chyna.

Everyone has made the comparison, but what does “Mami” think?

The WWE Women’s World Champion recently spoke with The Ringer for an in-depth interview, during which she touched on this topic with her thoughts.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how Triple H “definitely puts her next to Chyna” in terms of how she is booked: “Hunter definitely likes to put me next to Chyna. We didn’t actually have like a sitdown conversation about how my career would pan out. We sort of just let it all grow, in a way, naturally.”

On how Chyna paved a path and proved that women could be just as dangerous/creditable as the men: “She paved the way in the way that she got in the ring with the men, and she proved that women can beat up men and be just as good as them. Where I’m sort of following on with that, but I’m trying to make my own name for myself at the same time.”

Check out the complete interview at TheRinger.com.