Ric Flair Disagrees With Belief That Vince McMahon Holds Wrestlers Back

Ric Flair discussed a wide range of topics during the premiere episode of his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast.

During it, he talked about the narrative that Vince McMahon holds wrestlers back if he doesn’t see the potential of being a big star in them.

“I know with WWE, if you’re really good, you’re going to be on TV. People complain about not having the opportunity or that they’re being held back. Well, you’re never going to be held back if you’re better. I will never buy that as an excuse.”

“If you’re better than somebody that’s on the show, and you knock on his door and say, ‘Mr. McMahon, I would like a chance to prove that I’m better than he or she’, he’ll give it to you. He’s not going to hold anybody back. In a lot of their minds, they’re better, but they’re not. It’s good to have self-confidence, self-esteem, and feel good about yourself, but he’s not holding anybody back.”