Ric Flair Discusses The Reason Why Toni Storm Asked For Her WWE Release

Toni Storm requested her WWE release, and it was then granted last month with the reported reason that she was burnt out.

Storm’s WWE release came as a major surprise to many within the company. She was working the post-Christmas house show tour the days before departing.

On his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair also heard that Storm was burnt out.

“I had no idea, as we were doing more and more of this (the podcast), I looked up at wrestling news and saw she had asked for her release. From what I’ve heard – because I can reach out to different people – she was exhausted. It’s an unbelievable pace – and it’s something that very few people can run that hard for a long period of time. And she had got into that mix, she was in long, really competitive matches, not just on TV, but on the road as well.”