Ric Flair Gives Some Advice To All Elite Wrestling

Ric Flair recently did an interview with CBSSports.com. Here are the highlights:

AEW: “I’m old school, so I think anytime there is an opportunity for guys to work who are qualified and have been trained properly in a position to be somewhat successful in their attempt to work for either company, I’m all about that. I think that’s great. I don’t think [AEW] should focus on the competition [with WWE] as much as just developing their own product. Their success will come from that. The word competition is great. People love that part of time in the world, but this will be the first time someone with the kind of money that [Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner] Tony [Khan] brings. You know who Tony Khan is? Tony Khan is a sophisticated, intelligent, well-bred ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair with money. Tony Khan is the limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, bringing the hottest chick to every party that I go to with him, son of a gun. Now that he has the joint over in England [as co-owner of the Premier League team Fulham FC], I’m sure he has kissed girls all over the world and made them cry. If I had Tony’s bankroll in the ’80s, who knows where I would have been.”

Cody Rhodes: “It was a magical time in life when his dad and I were working together. People ask me all the time who was my best opponent and they think of Steamboat and Sting, but when I look back on my career, the run I had with Dusty was 20 or 25 years. At worst, we agreed to disagree, but he was a genius and I think he finally got the recognition that he deserves for being as creative as he was from Starrcade to the War Games to the Last Tango in Tampa with him and Harley [Race]. He was so far ahead of his time that I think I would put Dusty, in terms of creativity, right along with Vince [McMahon]. Cody is a great performer and I’m happy that he landed where he has landed on his feet like this. It takes someone with a lot of courage and not just motivation. But to generally take that step forward on your own and be prepared to put yourself in a position where you might not be the most popular guy in the world but you are determined to make something work. It takes a hell of a man. That’s my take on Cody.”