Ric Flair: “I Don’t Do Good When I Don’t Drink at Night” Ahead of His Upcoming Match

In his last match, Ric Flair will face off against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett with Andrade El Idolo.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Flair made a suggestion that he will bleed during the match.

“I know people think all I have to do is get in the ring and strut around and go ‘wooo’ and do this [holds hand up to forehead]. I’ve got to give them a lot more than that to satisfy myself and to have you guys saying on Monday, ‘Holy shit. What the hell just happened? How can that guy be 73?’ That’s my goal right now. On Monday morning for you guys to be going, ‘What the shit. How did he ever pull that off?’ Brother, I’ll have one [a blade] tied to my finger a mile long. [Makes blading gesture]. When all else fails [laughs]. I’ll take a lot of pressure off of myself the minute I get to that. For years I couldn’t work without it.”

In the days preceding up to his “final match” in Nashville, Tennessee, he had been struggling with plantar fasciitis in the bottom of his foot.

“I would never postpone it. They’d have to kill me for that. So many people have contributed their time and effort to make this happen. I just wanted to be at 100% of what I can be now.”

Flair added that despite having a pacemaker in his chest, he has no health worries. He said that leading up to the match, he has been drinking:

“I haven’t asked anybody since I started training. No one has told me no. Outside of being treated for the plantars, I haven’t been back to the heart doctor. I feel great. My heart, at my age with the pacemaker, you’re supposed to never take your heart rate 50 points above your age. I should never take it over 130. Yesterday, riding a bike, I got it to 193. If there is something plugged up, it hasn’t backed up on me yet. [laughs]. I’ve had it up to 203. I’ve been doing 500 free squats and shit like that, like I used to. 500 in 12 minutes. They think I’m counting from 490 and making a joke. I’ll be doing 500 again tomorrow, take a day off, 500 on Friday, and probably ride the bike Saturday and Sunday and enjoy it. I guarantee I’ll be drinking every night. I don’t do good when I don’t drink at night. I’m like Lawrence Taylor.”

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