Ric Flair Not Finished with Wrestling?, Hints at “Something Big Again”

Even though Ric Flair’s Last Match event in Nashville is over, some of his social media posts and podcast comments seem to leave the door wide open for another match.

As mentioned before, Flair claimed on his podcast that he twice fainted from dehydration. Before his last match, Flair talked about suffering from a foot injury in an interview with TMZ. He also mentioned that at one point, he was ill with what he thought to be COVID or pneumonia at the time. However, Flair said that on the day of the show, he was great and that the only thing bothering him was dehydration.

On his podcast, Flair also expressed regret over declaring that it was his last match after being asked about wrestling in Puerto Rico this past weekend.  Despite not technically wrestling, Flair became aggressive with his former rival Carlos Colon.

Flair hinted on Twitter that the next time he does “something big,” he will keep hydrated.

Flair wrote, “All The Attention That I’m Getting for Dehydration, Which Can Happen To Any 23 Year Old, Is Crazy! When I Get Ready For Something Big Again, I Will Obviously Drink More Water Than Beer Next Time! WOOOOO!”

Who knows what this means, but many people who follow Flair on social media think that he may be considering wrestling once more. We shall see. For what it’s worth, Conrad Thompson recently stated that the “Last Match” event is a part of a “master plan” that does not include Flair wrestling again.