Ric Flair Says Nobody From WWE Called Him After His Split From Wendy Barlow

(Photo Credit: WWE)

During his podcast, Ric Flair talked about his split from Wendy Barlow and mentioned that people from WWE didn’t reach out to him:

“I’m gonna talk about the issues that went down between myself and Wendy, and everybody wants to just be negative. What disappoints me is that she still runs my business affairs and handles my personal life. There’s nothing wrong with our relationship. I am really difficult to live with because I want to travel. I like to sign autographs. She did that for like nine straight years, and she just got tired of it, and I and I get it. But what killed me is that Charles Barkley, Darius Rucker, Kid Rock, can call me and say, ‘Is everything cool?’, which they have, and I go, ‘Yeah, everything’s great.’ Life changes and goes in different directions. Not one person from WWE called. The most insensitive company in the world, people that I’ve given my life to, and they’ve given me a lot of theirs. None. So you see how it goes. When you’re not there, they don’t care. I don’t resent them for it, but I noticed. I know who reached out to me and who reached out to her who didn’t. So if you’re that insensitive, shame on you.”