Ric Flair Set To Have His Own Last Ride Style Documentary

The one and only, multi-time WWE Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was recently interviewed by WrestlingInc where he discussed the potential of having his own “Last Ride” style documentary on the WWE Network in the near future.

As you may know, The Undertaker’s documentary “The Last Ride” is an ongoing series that covers Undertaker’s career between 2017 through WrestleMania 36 and has become a very popular series among the WWE Universe.

Here is what Flair had to say:

“I think that’s being talked about… because there is so much more [than was seen on 30 For 30]. Even starting over from when I retired as I’ve been the luckiest guy alive. Yes, I’ve worked hard and put in the time, but I feel God – and this is not me trying to sell religion – but I’ve been given this phenomenal gift called life. It was brought to me by wrestling and here I am. I think there’s talks about it. It would be WWE and there’s a whole another chapter.”