Ric Flair Speaks Out On The Current Backstage Moral In The WWE RAW Locker Room

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently spoke about what the backstage morale is like in the RAW locker room right now, while speaking with Wrestling Inc. Here is what he had to say:

“Oh, it was great. I’m the most fortunate guy in the world. The morale was great. It was fun catching up with Randy as I’ve been friends with his dad for so many years. I literally call his dad every time Randy steals [a match]. His promos are on fire and it’s a whole different style than mine. His promo and Edge’s promo – they’re just on fire. He is on a premium high in this business and I’m so happy for Randy that he’s getting premium acknowledgement.

I have not spoken to him personally, but I know those tears – the triceps, shoulder – it takes forever to heal. And a thing you don’t want to do is, you don’t want to rush that cause they’re easy to tear again and then it becomes more problematic.”