Ric Flair Talks At Length About “Superstar” Billy Graham’s Influence On Wrestling

(Photo Credit: WWE)

“Superstar” Billy Graham was “20 Years Too Soon.”

In addition to Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair spoke in a Sports Illustrated feature celebrating the life and career of the WWE Hall of Fame legend.

Featured below are some of the highlights where “The Nature Boy” sounds off with his thoughts on “The Superstar.”

On the influence “Superstar” Billy Graham had on the business: “His clothes were considered outlandish back then. He had the earring. He gave those incredible interviews. He had that body that was second to none. ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham influenced a whole generation of wrestlers, myself included.”

On the reaction “Superstar” Billy Graham’s death garnered pointing to his stardom: “Look at the reaction following his death and the outpouring of love, that’s because of the impact he had on people. He certainly had that impact on me. For me, I thought he was the greatest thing going. Him and Dusty Rhodes were my two favorites.”

On some of his own memories of “The Superstar” including being his chauffeur: “I tried to be just like Billy, but there’s only one Billy. I have so many fond memories. I was his chauffeur, driving him around in that white El Dorado with red interior. I loved that. His wife was the first woman to ever bleach my hair. He and Dusty were the two biggest influences on me, ever, in this business. They were so damn charismatic. It was a gift.His look changed the whole perspective of the business. ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham—often imitated, never duplicated.”

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