Riddle Comments On Possibly Changing His ‘Bro’ Catchphrase

During an interview with Philippe Chéreau and Christophe Agius, Matt Riddle commented on possibly changing his “bro” catchphrase:

“Trust me, I’m thinking about changing it. I might become ‘The Rude Dude’ or something, and just be like, ‘Hey dude,’ and call everybody ‘dude’ all the time. But I already use dude, so we’ll see. If I ever turn to a bad guy, maybe I’ll be ‘The Rude Dude’ but right now I’m Riddle, ‘The Original Bro.’”

Riddle also talked about wanting a dream match with Brock Lesnar:

“I always want to go to my go-to, and that’s Brock. He’s the best. He beat [The Undertaker’s WrestleMania] streak; the guy has got it. You know, I’m still talking about him. but I know he’s not really interested in wrestling me or fighting me, so I’m not gonna push it.”