RK-Bro Crashes Alpha Academy Graduation, Photo Of Riddle’s Speech

Next week’s WWE RAW will feature an Academic Challenge segment between RK-Bro and RAW Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy.

This week’s RAW featured Otis and Chad Gable hosting a graduation ceremony to celebrate last week’s title win over Riddle and Randy Orton. The segment was interrupted by Riddle, who was also wearing a cap & gown while giving a graduation speech from the entrance ramp.

As seen below, reader Kyle Dean sent us photos of the sheet that Riddle read his speech from.

While Riddle was taunting Alpha Academy from the ramp, Otis came out to meet him for a fight, but that allowed Orton to sneak into the ring and drop Gable with a RKO outta nowhere. Otis returned to the ring but Riddle ran down to the ringside area and attacked him. Riddle then joined Orton in the ring for a celebration, and convinced him to wear Otis’ cap & gown from the ceremony.

Earlier in the segment Gable challenged RK-Bro to an Academic Challenge, to prove that he’s worthy for a rematch with the titles on the line. After dropping Gable with the RKO at the end of the segment, Orton accepted that challenge and the segment was announced for next week. The Academic Challenge will include a series of tests between the two teams, to prove which is mentally superior.