Road Dogg: “I Didn’t Get Broken Matt Hardy”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events “Road Dogg” Brian James discussed a variety of topics on the most recent episode of “Oh…You Didn’t Know.”

During the podcast, Road Dogg discussed how he didn’t understand Matt Hardy’s Broken character in Impact Wrestling and later the Woken character in WWE.

“I know it caught on and I know it was huge on social media and it caught on even larger than that, but I didn’t get Broken Matt Hardy, but I also was 45 or 47 and a white guy and probably a nerd. I don’t know if I’m cool or not. I think I used to be, I’m told. I don’t know. It wasn’t for me apparently because I was like, so he talks weird now but he still wrestles the same. I don’t know. It was weird to me, but I also am smart enough to know I’m not smart enough. I saw it get over. I saw his popularity through that phase. I know it wasn’t for me.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below: