Road Dogg Opens Up About His Political Views

“Road Dogg” Brian James, who works behind the scenes in WWE, responded to a fan’s comment about Joe Biden being a better choice for United States President than Donald Trump. Here was the exchange:

Fan: “Better choice than Trump…. Trump dropped the ball and his hatred is overwhelming.”

Road Dogg: “Understand this thought process but it’s NEVER about one man. It’s policy and values and pocket book. If you don’t work and don’t want to, vote Democrat. I’ll foot the bill.

Fan: “Yes I do work but come on brother Trump has to go… He has abandoned the epidemic, continues you preach diversity and hasn’t stepped up as a leader… As a highly decorated Veteran, I feel let down.”

Road Dogg: “so you’re saying socialism is the answer? It’s ok if that’s how you feel, I just want to know where we each stand. If we cut the military budget then Putin is the worlds police chief and that terrifies me. He’s naming blacks and Latinos to high offices, what “diversity” is he failing at. He has a strong stance on illegal immigration, that doesn’t mean he’s not diverse, it means we should take care of Americans first, veterans too, like me and you. Also, economy, jobs, tariff/trade mandates. I’m not a fan of the man but I’m a fan of the job the man has done.”

Road Dogg also responded to comments about Trump being racist:

“I’m just saying that I don’t see evidence of Trumps racism. I do, however, see a lot of evidence that Biden is. Check the records and dont just listen to what people say. The country is moving in the wrong direction. We use to be a patriotic, God fearing/loving country and now pedophilia is a “sexual orientation” what went wrong and when did this happen? I’d suggest over the last 8 years with a leftist, Socialist president in office. Trump started fighting to center us again and the fangs came out on the other side of the isle. We need to take America back, for all people of all colors.”

A fan responded to Road Dogg and there was another exchange:

Fan: “I married into a Mexican family. I don’t care for the way he talks about Mexican people. And that’s just scratching the surface.”

Road Dogg: “He was talking about MS13 but your copy and paste leaves that part out. All 100% true either way. Why shouldn’t we, as a country, KNOW who is coming into our country. Every other country does that. Open borders are dangerous. Strong stance on border security doe NOT equal racism Mike.”

Here was another change:

Fan: “The only reason Biden is still in it is because he will be easy to manipulate cause he want remember.”

Road Dogg: “I agree. The socialists will control the country and that scares me. We shall see. I try to stay open minded but it’s hard cus some of the stuff going on is mind boggling to me.”