Rob Van Dam Comments On His Status As A Free Agent, Talks WWE – AEW

In an interview with Thibaud Choplin, Rob Van Dam commented on his status as a free agent and if he is in talks with WWE and/or AEW:

“I’m not in talks, and I’m all about the money. You know, people don’t understand, some people think — some fans, they’re ignorant to the facts, you know. They don’t understand [that it’s a business], and maybe they think when I had the WWE belt and the ECW belt, they might think I was in my prime then. And they probably think that I wish I was still there. But right now I make 20 to 30 times in one match what WWE was paying me at the lowest. I’m saying 20 to 30 times in one match. I could make that much more money outside of WWE than I can there. Who wants to work, why would you want to work 30 matches to make the same money that you can work one match and make money? That’s something fans can’t understand cause they think we just love to be in the ring 24/7.”

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