Rob Van Dam On Why AJ Styles’ WWE Run Will Be Good For Him, A Possible WWE Return, More (Video)

– In the video below, Title Match Wrestling talks to former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam about AJ Styles in WWE, possibly appearing at WrestleMania 32, Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling and more.

RVD believes Styles is going to realize in WWE that he has to compromise on some of his in-ring work, and won’t like it, but will be more well-rounded after working for WWE. RVD says the WWE run will be good for Styles’ career, due to the exposure, even if his push stalls or something unfortunate like that. RVD says due to WWE’s international reach, Styles will be a bigger star and that’s what it’s all about.

Regarding WrestleMania 32, RVD says there has been no talk about working the event but he will likely attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. He’s booked for the WrestleCon event in Dallas that weekend. He says he has an open door with WWE and they have talked recently but he won’t be coming back until it’s right for both sides.