The Rock vs. TNA, WrestleMania Shuttle Service, Chris Masters Set For GMA, CM Punk Rap Song

– The Rock’s new TNT reality series Hero has been given a release date of June 6th. TNT announced the premiere date in a press release. The show airs at 8 PM EST, putting it up against the first hour of Impact Wrestling on Spike.

The series will put nine people in missions “testing their brains, their brawn and even their morality” with fans voting on who deserves to advance and ultimately win. The Rock will host and act as a mentor to the competitors. has announced that they will offer rail shuttle service to the Meadowlands for WrestleMania 29. Service to MetLife Stadium will begin at 2:30 PM with the last train from the Meadowlands Sports Complex to Hoboken leaving at 12:40 AM.

– An interview with Chris Masters is set to air Friday on Good Morning America after he uprooted a tree to save his mother from being trapped in her burning home with an apparently deranged man. GMA has a story on the incident, which you can read here.

Masters says in the article, “It’s not really a tree that’s meant to come down but basically I gave it a bear hug and got the tree down. I told the police officers, ‘Break the windows. Break the windows. My mom is in this room and we’ve got to get her out.'”

He added of his decision to act, “I’m like screw this. I move into action, probably because it was my mom in the house and I thought, ‘Every second that goes by, why are we just waiting here?'”

– Independent Chicago rapper Ro Ransom has released a song and video called “CM Punk.” In the video Ransom can be seen wearing Punk’s “Boots 2 Faces” t-shirt and he recites the lines, “I’m a professional bro, you don’t have to confess to me girl/I know I’m CM Punk, BEST IN THE WORLD/Go To Sleep, Anaconda Vice, Pepsi Plunge, I’m about making classics and collecting funds.”