ROH TV Results – April 27, 2023

ROH TV Results – April 27, 2023

Proving Ground Match
Women’s Champion Athena vs. Lady Frost

Lady Frost used her acrobatic skills to get the upper hand on Athena by taking her up and over with headscissors. Athena kicks her in the face on an up & over in the corner to take control. Frost laid in some shots after Athena paintbrushes her but Athena drops her with a backbreaker. Frost kicks Athena into the corner before cartwheeling into a cannonball.

Frost went to the top rope but Athena got up and cut her off. Athena talked trash which allowed Frost to hit a hurricane kick to take her down. Frost went to the top rope and hit a corkscrew moonsault but Athena rolled to the ropes to avoid a cover when Frost tried picking her up, Athena pops up into a forearm for the win.

Winner: Women’s Champion Athena (5:13)

After the match Athena drove Frost into the Women’s Title on the mat .

We get a video promo from The Kingdom talked about their frustrations in ROH lately instead of getting a rematch against The Briscoes at Final Battle, they lost to Top Flight. Instead of honoring Jay Briscoe by winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles at Supercard Of Honor 4 other teams got in their way and took that from them now they are not going to stop until they get back at all of the teams that were in that match.

Tag Team Match
La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush & Preston Vance) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Match starts off with Preston Vance nails Carlie Bravo with a big boot to send him down. Vance went for the Full Nelson but Shawn Dean cuts him off after yanking Rush off of the apron. Vance took The Infantry down with discus lariats before tagging in Rush to hit Bravo with Bull’s Horns for the victory.

Winners: La Faccion Ingobernable

Tag Team Match
Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor) vs. Joe Ocasio & Mookie Summers

Joe Ocasio took the fight to Trent Beretta but Beretta shot out of the corner with a running knee to cut him off. Chuck Taylor drops Mookie Summers with a pop up powerbomb then Best Friends hit Ocasio with piledrivers before hitting Summers with a doomsday knee for the win.

Winners: Best Friends

6 Man Tag Team Champion Brian Cage vs. Leon Ruffin

Brian Cage threw Leon Ruffin around with ease before Ruffin fought out of a suplex with knees. Ruffin went for a top rope crossbody but Cage caught him and drops him with a front slam. Cage went for an F5 but Ruffin drops him with a DDT.

Ruffin evaded Cage and hits a cutter out of the corner for a near fall. Cage hits a spinning lariat to shut Ruffin down then hit a powerbomb over the knee then locks in a modified version of a Sharpshooter for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: 6 Man Tag Team Champion Brian Cage

Tag Team Match
Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. The Trustbusters (Sonny Kiss & Jeeves Kay)

Jeeves Kay got a jump start on Evil Uno then Sonny Kiss tags in and hit a handspring into a slap. The Trustbusters tried to double team Uno but Uno hit a suplex on Kay while Kiss hung onto his back. Stu Grayson tags in and ran wild leading to a kick assisted brainbuster on Kay. Dark Order drops Kiss with an electric chair throw into a powerbomb then hits Kay with a Grayson kick led to powerbomb from Uno for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

After the match Dark Order confronted The Righteous on the stage before walking off.

Backstage Dasha Fuentes is with Christopher Daniels & she asked what was next on his journey to victory. Daniels said this was one of the lowest points of his career but he was going to earn his keep in ROH and he wouldn’t start at the bottom. He calls out Television Champion Samoa Joe, noting their long history with each other, and challenged him to a Television Title match next week.

Skye Blue vs. Diamante

Match starts off with Skye Blue got a cover on Diamante as she scurrying to the ropes. Diamante caught Blue in the ropes and hit a neckbreaker before sending her to the floor with a baseball slide. Diamante works over Blue before Blue fought back by hitting a crossbody off the top rope for a near fall.

Blue hit a rising knee and a low kick that sent Diamante to the apron. They got into a forearm exchange before Diamante caught Blue with a German suplex on the apron. Diamante hit a corner dropkick but Blue got the ropes on the cover. Diamante tried rolling through a Skyfall attempt but Blue got a roll up to get the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

After the match Women’s Champion Athena came out with Blue’s custom hat and stomps on it sending Blue a message.

Lee Moriarty vs. Rocky Romero

Rocky Romero ties up Lee Moriarty in the ropes and hit a dropkick before Big Bill menaced Romero on the outside allowing Moriarty to knock Romero off the apron and drive him into the barricade. Moriarty works at Romero’s arm, popping his fingers while in an armbar. They traded arm control before kicking at each other’s arms, leading to a tornado DDT from Romero.

Romero drills Moriarty with chops and Forever Clotheslines but Moriarty misdirected Romero and hit a clothesline of his own. Moriarty hits Tiger Driver 18 for a near fall. They traded arm submissions before Romero rolls up Moriarty for a near fall.

A strike battle ended with Romero hitting the rewind kick that sent Moriarty to the floor. Romero hit a headscissors off of the steps before hitting a Sliced Bread in the ring for a near fall.

Romero caught Moriarty with a hurricanrana to the floor but a dive caught Big Bill instead of Moriarty. Bill responded with a chokeslam to the apron while the referee was distracted leading to Moriarty hitting a leg lariat for the win.

Winners: Lee Moriarty

Backstage Rocky Romero & he was unhappy that Lee Moriarty out snuck the King Of Sneaky Style then challenges Moriarty to a Pure Rules rematch next week.

Blake Christian vs. Gringo Loco

Gringo Loco & Blake Christian worked quickly with neither man gaining an advantage until Loco avoided a Fosbury Flop and hitting a dive of his own. Christian cuts off Loco in the ring and speared him on the apron before hitting the Fosbury Flop.

Back in the ring Loco cuts off a Spanish Fly attempt with a head kick. Christian came back with a springboard into a handspring kick for a near fall. Loco comes back with a powerbomb for a near fall.

Loco went to the top rope but Christian met him there. Loco got control and hit an inside out Spanish Fly for a near fall. Loco took Christian up again, this time in electric chair position but Christian tried to powerbomb him out. Loco landed on his feet so Christian followed him with a Spanish Fly then hits Loco with a springboard 450 Splash to score the win.

Winner: Blake Christian

Matches Of The Night

Proving Ground Match

Lee Moriarty vs. Rocky Romero

Blake Christian vs. Gringo Loco