ROH TV Results – May 18, 2023

The May 18, 2023 episode of Ring Of Honor television is in the books.

Featured below, courtesy of Mike Malkasian and, is a complete ROH TV On HonorClub report from the show held at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.


Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes vs. Gringo Loco

Loco starts with an open hand chop and we’re off to the races. Up and over by Loco and a few handsprings as Fenix misses a rebound hook kick. Triple superkicks by Fenix to the arm, knee, and face. Up and over by Fenix and an enziguiri. Quadruple jump hurricanrana sends Loco to the outside as Fenix follows up with a diving plancha from the top rope! Rolling thunder by Fenix but Loco catches him with a one-armed military press. Loco now rips at the mask and catches a diving Fenix coming off the top and countering into an inverted Olympic Slam for two. Loco runs into a huge boot and Fenix hits the springboard spinning back kick before walking the ropes and punting Loco in the face. Frog splash off the top by Fenix only gets a two count. Fenix runs into a superkick and Loco follows up with an enziguri of his own. Rebound hook kick by Fenix and both men are down. Rolling thunder cutter attempt by Fenix but Loco meets him with a diving cutter from the top rope! Two count. Frankensteiner by Fenix gets a two count. Fenix looks frustrated and starts delivering some huge chops. Double jump hurricanrana off the top by Fenix gets a two count. Fenix looks frustrated and starts delivering some hard kicks to the stomach of Loco. Fenix puts Loco up on the top and tries to follow him up, but Loco counters with a diving spinning Gringo Destroyer! One, two, no! Electric Chair by Loco but Fenix counters with a poisonrana and connects with Fenix Rising and this one is over!

Winner: Rey Fenix

Katsuyori Shibata will be back in two weeks to defend his Ring of Honor World TV Championship.

Madi Wrenkowski vs. Willow Nightingale

Willow uses her power early but runs into a big boot as Wrenkowski attempts to lock in the tarantula over the ropes. Wrenkowski now covers Willow with the ring skirt and delivers some elbows. Willow with a running avalanche in the corner now and a spinebuster. Doctor Bomb attempt but Wrenkowski counters with the X-Factor for a two count. Wrenkowski misses a running boot and gets POUNCED. Babe With the Power Bomb and this one is over.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Wingmen vs. Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson

I never realized how much Pretty Peter Avalon looks like Eddie Bravo. Beefy and Bulky are the Iron Savages, now. Bronson gets dropkicked by Nemeth but Bronson regains control with his strength. Delayed vertical suplex by Bronson gets two. Nemeth tags Avalon who gets caught attempting a cross body, but Nemeth trips Bronson and gets a two count. Nemeth in now with a dropkick to the face and some hip thrusts. Double leg by Bronson and both men are down. Boulder gets the tag and runs through everyone before big booting Avalon, causing him to DDT Nemeth. Double goozle turns into a double flapjack. Middle rope moonsault by Boulder misses and Avalon comes off the top with a splash that gets two. Boulder continually benches Avalon on himself in a funny moment. Diving crossbody by Boulder takes both Wingmen out. Electric Chair Drop to both men and this one is over.

Winners: Iron Savages

Zack Clayton & Cole Karter vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal

Quick jaw breaker and reverse DDT with the leg-like maneuver by Daniels & Sydal to Karter. Assisted moonsault by Daniels and a standing twisting moonsault by Sydal. Two count. Karter cuts Sydal off with a knee and makes the tag to Clayton, who eats a leg lariat. Drop toe hold and a leg drop combo by Daniels & Sydal. Arm ringer and a double stomp by Sydal. Sydal with some quick kicks to the chest before hitting the ropes and getting kneed in the back by Karter, forcing him to walk into a Clayton lariat. Sydal tries to fight out of the corner and heads up top but gets caught from behind and rocket launched into a Clayton powerslam. Frog splash by Karter gets a two count. Sydal counters a body slam into a tornado DDT and tags Daniels. Forearms by Daniels and a clothesline to the back. Back body drops to everyone and a running bulldog/clothesline combo. Angel’s Wings by Clayton but Karter breaks it up with a dropkick. Flying hurricanrana by Sydal to Karter. Clothesline by Clayton to both Sydal and Daniels. Head kick by Sydal sends Clayton into a uranage from Daniels. BEST. MOONSAULT. EVER. This one is over.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal

Miranda Alize vs. Lady Frost

Elbows by Alize and a foot sweep in the corner. Big Broski Boot and a butterfly suplex get two. Frost responds with a palm strike and a running boot in the corner. Handspring into the cannonball in the corner gets only a two count. Cartwheel into an Air Raid Crash before the Temperature Drop finishes this one!

Winner: Lady Frost

Eli Isom & Cheeseburger vs. Angelico & Serpentico

Cheeseburger with some World of Sport wrestling here and looking for the La Escalara submission but Angelico breaks it up. Trailer Hitch by Angelico but Cheeseburger gets to the ropes. Burger goes up and over both members of the SAP and gets the tag to Isom. Isom low bridges Angelico and plants Serpentico with a wrist clutch power slam. Pop-up neckbreaker to Serpentico gets two. Tag to Angelico and a superkick by Cheeseburger as Isom hits a suicide dive to Serpentico. Luther pump kicks Cheeseburger on the outside as Angelico grapevines the legs and locks in an ankle lock as Burger taps.

Winners: Spanish Announce Project

NJPW World Television Championship
Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. AR Fox

Wrist control by ZSJ as Fox cartwheels out and hits a snap mare. ZSJ looks mildly impressed. Kravat by ZSJ but Fox escapes and connects with a leg lariat. Fox skins the cat with a pair of boots to ZSJ in the corner and a two count. ZSJ charges but Fox lands a Slingblade that sends ZSJ to the floor. Fox follows with a dive over the top before rolling ZSJ back in the ring and coming off the top with a missile dropkick. Two count. ZSJ counters a suplex with an arm ringer and now focuses the attack on the arm and shoulder. ZSJ with some boots to Fox in the corner and another arm ringer. Stomps to the fingers and hand of Fox. Hip toss now by Fox but ZSJ uses a butterfly guard sweep to lock in a straight arm bar that forces Fox to get to the ropes. Diving clothesline by Fox and a huge boot to the face. Swinging suplex by Fox gets a long two count. Fox looks for a fireman’s carry but ZSJ locks in a kimura. Fox with a Pele kick to the arm and a double stomp to the hand now. ZSJ now stomping on the elbow before delivering a PK. Stack pin by ZSJ gets two. Fox manages to dump ZSJ to the outside and catches him coming in with a boot to the head and a DDT between the ropes from the apron for a two count. Fox places ZSJ on the top rope and follows him up. ZSJ now with a Cobra Twist on the top rope but forced to break before the five count. Fox runs back up with a seated avalanche Spanish Fly for a two count. ZSJ attempts to roll to safety but Fox comes flying out of the ring with a somersault plancha to the floor. Fox rolls ZSJ in and comes off the top with a 450 that misses. ZSJ with a leg trapped roll up that gets two and now a brutal attack on the knee of Fox by ZSJ. Standing heel hook by ZSJ but Fox fights out. ZSJ takes the back of Fox and kicks the knees out, getting his hooks in and locking in a spladle. ZSJ grabs a hold of the far leg and applies a Stretch Muffler WITH the spladle and Fox taps!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

After the match, ZSJ says he’s the most active TV champion in all of wrestling, and that brings out…

Samoa Joe!

Joe says there can be only one TV Championship. Joe says it’s clear the powers that be don’t want either company to lose face, but the powers that be aren’t here, so let’s see who the real TV champion is.

For some reason, this brings out Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal. Daniels said Sydal has never been a TV champion and he deserves his shot. ZSJ says he and Joe should team up and if they take care of business, then they can talk to each other.

Dalton Castle & Boy vs. Gates of Agony

Dalton is fired up since the Mogul Embassy injured Boy 2 last week. Kaun and Boy to start. Boy uses his speed to avoid Kaun but Leona blasts him from behind and gets gutwrenched 3/4 of the way across the ring. Avalanche in the corner by Leona and a backbreaker by Kaun. Basement flatliner by Boy but Castle isn’t able to make the tag. Leona with some big splashes to Boy and he’s in trouble. Chops in the corner and a body slam by Kaun get two. Leona is just torturing Boy here for what seems like an extended period of time. Castle finally gets tagged and clears the ring with exploders and suplxes. Bunch of splashes by Castle and a German suplex to Kaun. Castle now uses Boy as a projectile but Leona catches him and hits a uranage on the apron. Fireman’s carry into a gut buster to Castle and Open the Gates to Boy and this one is over.

Winners: Gates of Agony

WorkHorsemen & Shane Taylor vs. Midnight Heat & Schaaf

Henry kicks Pearl in the face and Drake destroys him with chops in the corner. Belly-to-belly to Pearl and Drake with a Vader Bomb in the corner. Chops by Drake and a drop toe hold by Henry onto Drake’s knees, with a double stomp finish. Schaaf makes the tag and he’s big… but he gets headbutt by Taylor and a big lariat. Package piledriver/Drillbit/brainbuster in stereo and this one is over.

Winners: Shane Taylor & Workhorsemen

Ashley D’Amboise vs. Mercedes Martinez

Headlock takeover by Mercedes but D’Amboise counters with a head scissors. Mercedes gets out and paintbrushes D’Amboise. Mercedes ducks a clothesline and responds with a rolling elbow. Snap suplex by Mercedes and she holds on for a second, and a third. Hammer throw by Martinez who misses a charge as D’Amboise responds with a pop-up running neckbreaker. D’Amboise looks for a Burning Hammer, maybe, as Mercedes counters with a spinebuster. Mercedes traps the arms and pounds on the chest. D’Amboise comes back with some really… odd… looking strikes and now looks for the Burning Hammer (variation) and lands it. Two count. Martinez trips up D’Amboise from behind and traps the arms for a curbstomp. Surfboard with a dragon sleeper finish and D’Amboise taps.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Fight Without Honor
The Kingdom vs. Darius Martin & Action Andretti

Brawl starts on the ramp as Andretti comes prepared with a kendo stick. Martin and Andretti look for anything they can find under the ring and we have some plunder. Double dropkick Van-Daminator to Bennett. Double drop toe hold to Taven on the unfolded chair and a hurricanrana by Andretti. Taven is in a garbage can and getting beat with chains, pipes, and more. Marka goes low on Martin on the apron as Bennett blasts him with a chair to the face. Kick of the King by Taven on Andretti and a trash can shot to the face. Spinebuser by Bennett to Andretti on a trash can as Taven sends Martin into the ladder in the corner. Bennett has a Martin in the Doomsday Device position on the outside as Taven dives from the ring but Martin moves and Taven takes Martin out. Andretti takes out both men with an Arabian Press. Andretti puts another table in the ring. Bottom rope assisted Complete Shot by Martin to Bennett but Taven is here to blast everyone with a chair. Kingdom set up about six chairs like a table and look for a Spike Piledriver and (kind of?) hit it, only to get a two count as Andretti breaks it up. Proton Pack attempt on Andretti but he gets free and hits a bit boot to Bennett and a wheelbarrow bulldog to Taven. Taven set up on a table now as Andretti comes off the apron with a springboard 450! The table doesn’t break, so Andretti suplexes Taven through the table anyway (tables never break on 450 splashes, btw). Bennett breaks down Andretti with a series of forearms and a spear. Running Spiccoli Driver through the table by Bennett! Purple Thunder by Taven through the chair on Martin! two count only. Andretti takes Taven to the floor as Bennett disposes of Martin from the top to the apron. Maria is here and she’s got a pipe in her hand, which she uses to black Martin in the back. Maria holds Martin as Bennett delivers a bunch of stiff chops. Bennett rebounds off the bottom rope and absolutely LEVELS his wife Maria with a rolling elbow! Back in the ring, Andretti goes low on Taven. Double team inverted Fidget Spinner to Taven! Superkick party to Bennett in the ring as Martin puts Bennett on his shoulders and Andretti comes off the top of the ladder with a Doomsday Device! One, two, three!

Winners: Darius Martin & Action Andretti