ROH TV Results – May 25, 2023

ROH TV Results – May 25, 2023

Mark Briscoe vs. JD Drake

The match starts off with Mark Briscoe opening himself up for a chop, which started a chop battle that Briscoe won before booting JD Drake into the corner then Drake threw Briscoe across the ring. Briscoe came back and sent Drake to the floor. Briscoe boots Drake off the apron before hitting a corkscrew senton to The Workhorsemen on the floor.

Back in the ring both men traded slaps then Drake is clobbering on Briscoe in the corner while talking trash to the crowd then Drake hits a Bossman Slam for a near fall, following it with a bottom rope Vader Bomb for another near fall. Drake brought Briscoe to the top rope but Briscoe fought him down with chops before hitting a missile dropkick.

Briscoe chopped Drake into the corner before bringing him to the top rope. Drake blocks the Iconoclasm but ran into the Uranage from Briscoe for a near fall then Briscoe calls for Jay Driller but Anthony Henry interrupted him from the apron.

Briscoe took Henry down with a baseball slide but Drake took Briscoe down with a rebound forearm. Drake hits a moonsault in the ring but Briscoe kicks out at two.

Drake went for the Jay Driller but Briscoe fought out and hit a rolling Death Valley Driver then Briscoe follows it up with Froggy Bow for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

After shaking hands with Drake Briscoe made sure to call out Television Champion Samoa Joe to the camera.

Backstage Dasha is with Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal. Daniels says that while Samoa Joe & Zack Sabre Jr. think they’ve thrown a curveball, they’ve put themselves on the back foot against former ROH World Tag Team Champions. Sydal said that he felt the titles pulling him closer, and he would get to one of them before long.

Proving Ground Match
ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. Serpentico 

Claudio Castagnoli toys with Serpentico in a test of strength but Serpentico connects with a pair of headscissors. Castagnoli rolls to the floor where Serpentico followed him with a dive. Serpentico hits a high crossbody in the ring for a near fall. Castagnoli dumps Serpentico to the floor & he sends Serpentico into the steps.

After gutwrenching Serpentico back into the ring, Castagnoli hammered Serpentico with short arm clotheslines then Serpentico gave him the middle finger then Castagnoli continues with the clotheslines before hitting a final clothesline for the win.

Winner: ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli

Kiera Hogan vs. Vert Vixen

Vert Vixen took Keira Hogan down with a dropkick but Hogan drops her into the ropes and hit a hip attack. Hogan hits a step up leg drop for a near fall before noticing Women’s Champion Athena on the ramp. Vert Vixen hits a flatliner and transitioned into a Koji Clutch with Hogan quickly reaching the ropes.

Vert Vixen hits a springboard kick for a near fall. Hogan came back with a running forearm and a sliding kick in the corner for a near fall. Vert Vixen sends Hogan into the corner and hit a Yakuza Kick before hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall then Hogan fought out of a hold and hits a Saito Suplex for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

After the match Athena & Hogan shared words before Athena piefaces Hogan.

Kyle Fletcher vs. AR Fox

AR Fox got the upper hand with an offensive flurry then it ends with a clothesline in the corner and a skin the cat dropkick. Kyle Fletcher boots Fox from the apron before pulling him to the apron as well. Fletcher hit a side suplex on the apron then follows it up with a bodyslam on the floor. Fletcher continued with the bodyslams in the ring but Fox caught him with a spinning suplex.

Fox fired up & hits a rolling cutter for a near fall then Fox went to the top rope but Fletcher moved out of the way and countered another cutter with a half & half suplex then Fletcher hits a Mafia Kick and a brainbuster for a near fall. Fox caught Fletcher with an enzuigiri before booting him to the floor. Fox went to the top rope and hits a senton to Fletcher on the floor.

Back in the ring Fox went to the top rope and hits 450 Splash for a near fall. Fox brought Fletcher to the top rope but Fletcher brought Fox down with a top rope body slam for a near fall. Fletcher hit a running kick in the ropes before hitting Grimstone for the win.

Winner: Kyle Fletcher

Willow Nightingale vs. Hyan

Willow Nightingale was in firm control early on then Hyan ducks a body block in the corner before hitting elbows in the corner. Nightingale fought back by hitting an enzuigiri then a body block. Nightingale follows it up with a shotgun dropkick and a cannonball then hits Babe With The Powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Tag Team Match
The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. The Macks (Willie & Ninja)

Willie Mack & Matt Taven starts this match by hitting several armdrags then The Kingdom took control with quick tags and fast offense. Willie fought out of a double team and powered his way to a tag. Ninja Mack ran wild with offense on The Kingdom. Ninja went for a Sasuke Special but Bennett caught him and hit a German suplex.

The Kingdom blitzed Ninja with tandem offense but Willie made sure to break up the pin after a Taven frog splash. Ninja fought his way free and made a tag to Willie & he takes down The Kingdom with a double clothesline.

Willie hit corner clotheslines and a cannonball to Bennett before dropping Taven with a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault. Ninja tags in and hits a double handspring moonsault over the ropes to The Kingdom.

The Macks hits 3D then The Kingdom was able to take advantage as Bennett hit a rebound forearm to Willie on the floor. The Kingdom hits Proton Pack to Ninja to score the win.

Winners: The Kingdom

Mercedes Martinez vs. Dream Girl Ellie

Mercedes Martinez took down Dream Girl Ellie with a boot after some trash talk then she stomps on Ellie before hitting a side suplex. Martinez hits Ellie with short range knees before locking in Brass City Stretch for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Mercedes Martinez

Backstage Dasha is with The Macks & They hyped themselves up, saying that despite the loss, they were here to stay.

Ashley D’Amboise vs. Danielle Kamela 

Danielle Kamela took control by dumping D’Amboise into the corner and hitting boots to the gut then she hits squasher before tying D’Amboise in the ropes and kicking her repeatedly. D’Amboise traded forearms with Kamela before hitting a neckbreaker before she hits a powerslam for a near fall.

Kamela slipped out of D’Amboise’s grasp and hit a facebuster for a near fall. Kamela hit another neckbreaker for a near fall. D’Amboise fought off Kamela and hit a Burning Hammer for a near fall then D’Amboise follows up with a Uranage for the win.

Winner: Ashley D’Amboise

Rocky Romero vs. Titus Alexander

Titus Alexander mocks Rocky Romero after a basement dropkick then cuts off Forever Clotheslines with a standing dropkick then Romero got the upper hand with a tornado DDT off the ropes. Romero lands kicks to the arm then baits Alexander to the floor before hitting a dive. Romero hit the running Sliced Bread for a near fall.

Alexander avoided a corner charge and hit a set of evasive kicks before landing a brainbuster for a near fall. Alexander avoided another corner charge but Romero caught Alexander with an enzuigiri. Romero pulls Alexander off the top rope and locks in the Diablo Armbar for the win.

Winner By Submission: Rocky Romero

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) & Stu Grayson vs. LSG, Vary Morales & Marcus Kross

Stu Grayson & Vary Morales starts this match off with Grayson hitting an overhead belly 2 belly suplex then Morales made a quick tag to Marcus Kross but Grayson got control of him. Dutch & Grayson hit a successful tag team move then Vincent & Grayson hit another double team move.

LSG tags in and got some offense in but Grayson took down both LSG & Kross. Dutch hits a Bossman Slam on Morales. The Righteous hit Autumn Sunshine on Kross before Vincent tags in Grayson & he hits Nightfall for the win.

Winners: The Righteous & Stu Grayson

Backstage Dasha is with Zack Sabre Jr. & Television Champion Samoa Joe. They were tense toward each other with ZSJ noting that he came to ROH to make his NJPW Television Title the premier TV Title in wrestling. Samoa Joe said that like all of his other partners, he would have ZSJ’s back tonight.

Shane Taylor vs. Tracy Williams

Tracy Williams & Shane Taylor traded blows with Taylor winning the exchange. Williams caught Taylor in an armbar over the ropes but Taylor responded with a barge attack in the ring before dropping him with a forearm. Williams tried to catch Taylor with an armbar in the ring but Taylor hit a side suplex out of it. Williams hits a set of strikes before dropping Taylor with a jumping DDT off the ropes for a near fall.

Williams went to the top rope and after fighting off Taylor & he hits a frog splash for a near fall. Williams almost had Taylor up for a piledriver but Taylor hit a back body drop. Taylor hit a headbutt and a uranage before hitting a standing splash for a near fall. Taylor drops Williams with a forearm before hitting Package Piledriver for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

Proving Ground Match
Women’s Champion Athena vs. Promise Braxton

Promise Braxton kept up with Athena early on but after a stalemate, Athena caught Braxton with a high kick then she hits a forearm. Braxton caught Athena in an octopus hold but Athena got out. Athena hits a gourdbuster and a superkick for a near fall.

Braxton ducks a corner charge and fired up by hitting double knees to the back of Athena for a near fall. Athena caught Braxton with a rana into the turnbuckles, then hit a corkscrew splash over the ropes for a near fall then Braxton hits a pair of forearms but Athena caught her with a shot then locks in Cobra Clutch & Braxton has to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Women’s Champion Athena

After the match Athena went to do more damage to Braxton before Kiera Hogan made the save as she drops Athena face first on the Women’s Title before standing tall with the Women’s Title.

Dralistico vs. Tony Deppen

Deppen boots Dralistico to the floor and hitting a dive then Dralistico sends Deppen into the post before taking Deppen around ringside and doing damage with the barricade and the steps. Dralistico hit a springboard senton but pulling Deppen up on the cover. Dralistico boots Deppen in the corner before hitting a running superkick.

Dralistico went for a powerbomb but Deppen slid out and hit a pump kick. Deppen avoided Dralistico on a charge and hit a twisting springboard gainer to the floor. Deppen hit a double stomp back in the ring for a near fall then they traded chops before transitioning to palm strikes and forearms.

Dralistico caught Deppen with a hurricane kick but Deppen came back with a pair of German suplexes then Dralistico hits a German of his own before hitting a superkick and a poisonrana.

Deppen got some offense in but Dralistico ties him up on the ropes and hit a hurricanrana then hits La Mistica for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Dralistico

Backstage Dasha is with Nick Comoroto & he didn’t understand the hype around Blake Christian calling him All Generic. He said that no one looks like him and that would be the difference tonight in their match. He told ROH fans not to simp for these wimps.

Skye Blue vs. Miranda Alize

After a ringside chase Miranda Alize cuts off Skye Blue with a low dropkick and a DDT for a near fall. Alize hit a facewash and a corner dropkick before hitting a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Blue cuts off Alize with an elbow before scoring a near fall with a kick to the head.

Alize hit a throwing suplex for a near fall. Alize locks in the Miranda Rights crossface but Blue turns it into a pinfall to get out of it. Blue avoided a corner charge and rolls Alize up for the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Women’s Champion Athena & she asks her how it felt to get a taste of her own medicine. Athena said that Kiera Hogan would get her Women’s Title match next week before freaking out on some nearby barricades.

Tag Team Match
Action Andretti & Darius Martin vs. Zack Clayton & Cole Karter

Zack Clayton & Action Andretti starts us off with Andretti using his speed to take Clayton down then hits a corkscrew splash for a near fall before he makes the tag to Darius Martin. Clayton cuts off Martin with a clothesline before tagging in Cole Karter. Martin got back in control with a dropkick. Martin & Andretti pinballed Karter before Andretti hit a tornado splash for a near fall.

Andretti lost his footing on a springboard allowing Karter to shove him to the floor. Clayton brought him back in with an outside in suplex. Andretti drops Clayton with a superkick before tags in Martin who ran wild on both men. Martin hit a facebuster for a near fall before running into a powerslam from Clayton.

Karter hit a frog splash for a near fall that Andretti cuts off then Martin helps Andretti hit a tornado DDT on Clayton. Martin & Andretti then hit a pendulum slam on Karter for the win.

Winners: Action Andretti & Darius Martin

Blake Christian vs. Nick Comoroto

Match starts off with Nick Comoroto flung his sucker at Blake Christian as he baits Christian into a charge. Christian avoided a corner charge by backflipping to the floor. Christian led a chase on the floor that led to Comoroto running into the stairs. Christian hit a dive to the floor and followed it with a senton in the ring. Christian went for another dive, but Comoroto caught him and threw him into the post.

Comoroto flung Christian across the ring with a suplex for a near fall. Comoroto controlled Christian by chopping Christian down as he tried to fight back. Christian hits an enzuigiri before ducking a corner charge. Christian low bridges Comoroto to the floor before following him with a dive. Christian hits a double stomp to Comoroto’s back before hitting a frog splash for a near fall.

Comoroto hits Christian with a spinebuster but Christian caught Comoroto in an inside cradle for a near fall. Comoroto hit Christian with a reverse Attitude Adjustment for a near fall. Christian pulls a steel chair out from under the ring. Comoroto grabs him but Christian threw the chair into the ring. Comoroto went for the chair but Christian caught him with a flash pin for the win.

Winner: Blake Christian

Diamante vs. Trish Adora

Trish Adora caught Diamante trying to cheap shot her on a rope break and ties her up in a submission. Diamante fought out and sent her to the apron before hitting a neckbreaker in the ropes. Diamante hit a dropkick to Adora sending her to the floor.

Diamante & Adora traded chops before Diamante hit an overhead throw by sending Adora to the corner then hits a basement dropkick for a near fall.

More forearm trading before Adora threw Diamante to the mat with an arm wringer. Adora hit a spinning fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Adora went for the Lariat Tubman but Diamante hit a neckbreaker. Diamante locks Adora in a Cobra Clutch for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Diamante

ROH World Tag Team Champion Pentagon Jr vs. Slim J

Pentagon Jr cuts off Slim J on a transition by booting him while he was upside down. Pentagon went for a dive but Slim J cuts him off with a forearm then Slim J dumps Pentagon to the floor, allowing the rest of The Trustbusters to lay the boots in while he took the referee. Slim J hits a springboard reverse DDT for a near fall.

Pentagon hits a pair of superkicks and a pair of Slingblades for a near fall. Slim J fought out of Fear Factor and hits running Dudley Dog for a near fall. Slim J went for punches in the corner but Pentagon kicks his leg out and hit a double stomp to the chest for a near fall.

Slim J took advantage of a slight Trustbuster distraction to hit a wheelbarrow flatliner and a leaping reverse DDT for a near fall. Pentagon cuts off another Slim J springboard and hits Fear Factor for the win.

Winner: ROH World Tag Team Champion Pentagon Jr 

Tag Team Match
Television Champion Samoa Joe & Zack Sabre Jr vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal

Zack Sabre Jr starts off with Matt Sydal & he was able to match ZSJ’s technical ability and hits a leg lariat. Christopher Daniels & Samoa Joe tags in & Daniels caught Joe with a flash pin for a near fall, leading to Daniels & Sydal hitting a tag team combo. Joe quickly tags back out to ZSJ but Daniels & Sydal hits him with a double team move.

ZSJ caught Daniels with a pair of boots before Joe boots Daniels in the ropes. Joe hammered Daniels with punches before hitting the corner enzuigiri. ZSJ tags in and stretched Daniels for a minute before tagging Joe back in.

ZSJ & Joe showed off to each other, beating on Daniels in different ways. Daniels dumps Sabre into Joe and got a flash pin but ZSJ kicks out and tags Joe in & Joe hits a powerslam for a near fall.

More quick tags and more beating on Daniels then Daniels finally fought out by hitting an STO on Joe before tagging Sydal in. Sydal ran wild with kicks on Joe by hitting a Meteora then goes for the cover but ZSJ broke it up with a neck crank.

ZSJ tags in and went to work with uppercuts then Sydal turned a running uppercut into a backslide for a near fall then got another flash pin for a near fall. Sydal hit La Mistica on ZSJ with Daniels catching Joe in a Koji Clutch but ZSJ got to the ropes.

ZSJ met Sydal on the top rope and put him in a double wristlock then Daniels pulls ZSJ out and they hit a Doomsday style Meteora for a near fall. ZSJ counters a Daniels move and tags out to Joe & he lays out Daniels with a lariat. Sydal took Joe out with a jumping knee, but ZSJ caught Sydal and neck cranks him.

Daniels hits Angel’s Wings on ZSJ but Joe hits a uranage in the corner and locks in Coquina Clutch for the win.

Winners: Television Champion Samoa Joe & Zack Sabre Jr 

After the match everyone shook hands including ZSJ & Joe

Matches Of The Night

Mark Briscoe vs. JD Drake- 7/10

Kyle Fletcher vs. AR Fox- 7/10

Rocky Romero vs. Titus Alexander- 7/10

Samoa Joe & Zack Sabre Jr vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal- 7/10

Shane Taylor vs. Tracy Williams – 6/10

Dralistico vs. Tony Deppen- 6/10