Roman Reigns Claims He Wants Brock Lesnar Returns To UFC

Roman Reigns spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to promote WWE SummerSlam. Here are the highlights.

Importance of having the WWE Universal Championship on Raw every week:

“It’s killing us,” Reigns said. “It’s killing us. It makes for better storytelling. It would be a better product. It would be a better show. When you have the diamond that everybody’s chasing, it gives everybody a GPS of where they are and where they’re trying to be. Not only that, it’s a driving force for live events. It’s a driving force for our Friday, Saturday and Sunday (non-televised events) when we don’t have a network special or a pay-per-view. It’s important to have that thing hanging up in the locker room in a tiny town in South Dakota on a Friday when people are not motivated. A young talent comes in and says the champ’s in here and the title is hanging up. I want that. It motivates people in some many different regards and that’s what we need. I’m to the point where I’ve won a bunch of different championships and the only reason I want that championship is because I haven’t won it and I want it on this roster. I want it at our shows. I want it in every town because it’s going to make everybody better.”

If he would prefer to see Brock Lesnar fight in UFC or stay in WWE after SummerSlam:

“To be honest, at this point I’d love to see him just go fight in UFC because that’s where it seems his passion and where his focus is right now,” Reigns said. “We have a protocol here. We have a certain schedule and there’s a certain rhythm that makes this whole business work and, right now, I think he’s throwing us out of whack a little bit.

“Is it great exposure to crossover? Absolutely. We love having a big star like Brock Lesnar but, at the end of the day, sports entertainment has to look out for itself. We have to continue to do our business and continue to put on our show. I just feel like it would be a lot better served with that Universal Championship in someone’s hands like myself.”