Roman Reigns Comments On Promos, SmackDown To FOX Update

– WrestleVotes noted the following regarding WWE Smackdown’s move to FOX:

– In an interview with, Roman Riegns talked about cutting promos in WWE and how it’s different from performing in movies:

“I think the live performance and just dealing with that simultaneous reaction can be different.”

“Being able to limbo through a live reaction, a live promo, and then on top of that the physicality behind it or flowing through it, it’s a hell of a job,” Reigns said. “A promo, a match, and then another promo and you’re over here (he proceeds to start making panting noises and tries to cut a promo).

“For me, I think the realer the better. You already know, if you get into a fight, you’re going to blow up. Check out the Internet right now. Two men right now are dying, they’re breathing hard. We wrestle for 15, 20, 30 minutes and then you still have to talk and be presentable at that point. It comes with a lot of practice and conditioning to be able to get to that point and a bit of grooming as well.”