Roman Reigns On John Cena and What Marvel Character He’d Like To Play

As seen above, Roman Reigns is featured in the 6th episode of “India Asks WWE” from WWE Now India. The series, starring host Gaelyn Mendonca, features WWE Superstars taking questions from fans in India.

Reigns was asked about possibly wrestling one more match against John Cena, and said he’d be interested in locking up with the veteran WWE Superstar again. Reigns also talked about what it’s like in WWE without Cena, who has been away focusing on his Hollywood career for the last year or more.

“I’d love it,” Reigns said of one more match with Cena. “You know, I think it’s really shown, over the past year or so, just how good John is, and just what having his presence does for our show. I really enjoyed the time that I spent in the ring with him and if you can’t learn from someone like John, then shame on you.

“So, yeah, I think any time that we can have all the biggest Superstars to represent WWE, it’s a good thing. I know he’s busy and he’s killing it right now in Hollywood, but yeah, if you ever want some again, John Boy, here we go.”

Reigns took a few more fan questions and said he might like to play a darker version of Thor when asked which Marvel character he would like to star as. The Big Dog also said he’d choose a Rottweiler if he had to pick one dog breed to adopt, and said he will “keep it in mind” when asked if he might want to bring his acting skills to India for a Bollywood film.