Roman Reigns Opens Up On Taking Covid-19 Precautions When He’s Traveling

Roman Reigns made an appearance on the Michael Kay Show to promote Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series PPV.

During it, he was asked about traveling and performing while the world still deals with the COVID-19 pandemic considering he is someone with a high risk due to him battling leukemia in the past.

“Absolutely. I mean it’s something that still to this day we have to take very seriously, we have to be very precautious, and always keep myself in the right situation. WWE, along with myself, we’ve kind of created a travelling bubble in order to keep me as isolated as possible.

It’s not easy. It’s not a situation like the NBA was able to do last year where they did the whole league all in one area. We’re a travelling act and we’re constantly moving around. These private flights and getting to the bus in every town, it’s an expensive piece of business, but we would rather spend the money to stay safe, continue to keep health a priority, and then also still deliver within the performance as well and give the fans what they deserve.”