Ronda Rousey Not Close To Signing A Deal With WWE?

Despite a USA Today report about Ronda Rousey finalizing plans to switch her career from MMA to WWE, is stating that this is not the case:

Multiple independent sources from all sides of the deal have told us contract talks have NOT gotten off the ground.

As one source bluntly put it, “[Ronda’s team] hasn’t begun any negotiations with the WWE.”

Triple H recently downplayed the rumors in an interview with

“Everybody is very busy and I know that from Ronda’s side and her team, they are looking for an opportunity,” he said. “I have made it very clear that an opportunity exists and it’s just a matter of us getting together and having conversations. I wish I had something more to tell you than that but we are just kind of talking and feeling where it goes and she is making movies and doing other things. But it’s exciting and there are a lot of interest on both sides so let’s see where it goes.”