Rumor Killer On Bray Wyatt Returning To WWE As The Fiend, Latest Update On Wyatt

Numerous rumors about Bray Wyatt’s potential comeback have circulated on social media since his break from WWE TV. One rumor going around this week is that WWE is bringing Wyatt back as The Fiend character.

It appears that the person who creates The Fiend masks shot that rumor down. Jason Baker tweeted, “That might be a little difficult considering that all of the mask molds were destroyed last year…”

That doesn’t mean they’ll never use that gimmick again, but it doesn’t appear to be in the plans right now, or they’ll have to start making new molds. On Wyatt’s return, WWE insider BoozerRasslin, recently said, “Bray is up to management and him.”

The WWE insider was asked whether Alexa Bliss’ pregnancy will affect Bray, he replied, “Brays work is on paper. Alexa all changes for her.”