Rumor Killer On Triple H’s Upcoming WWE Announcement

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE has teased that Triple H (Paul Levesque) will make an announcement during Thursday’s WWE 2024 Preview special, which will be streamed on Peacock.

TNA Wrestling’s use of the term “premium live events” for future shows fueled internet speculation that WWE’s announcement would be related to TNA.’s Mike Johnson put an end to the rumors, stating, “In asking around with WWE sources today, we are told there is absolutely nothing to the connection that some are making and that the announcement is not related to a TNA working agreement or anything related to that company. It’s yet another case of people putting 2 and 2 together and assuming 1,000, no different than the assumptions last year that Saudi Arabia was buying WWE and other instances of people who act as if they know something assuming and being incorrect.”