Rusev Comments On Getting Into A “Chop War” With Karl Anderson In Japan

During one of his recent Twitch streams, Former WWE Superstar Rusev commented on an incident where a “chop war” between him and Karl Anderson took place in Japan. Following the news that Anderson and Doc Gallows had signed with Impact Wrestling, Rusev took to Twitter and said,

“Maybe you can do chops or something”

While some fans thought Rusev was saying Anderson could only do chops, Rusev later clarified and said it was an inside joke between the two men. He said:

“We went to Japan one time. And it was — I think was a four-way tag match … me and Aiden [English], it’s the Good Brothers, it’s Harper and Rowan, and I think it was the Usos as well. So me being a student of the game, I don’t know what we did in the beginning, somebody did something at the beginning, and all of a sudden me and [Anderson] meet in the middle. And we haven’t talked about any of it, you know. We just didn’t know that we are going to be seeing each other in the ring. So me, I know that he was super over, you know, he’s very big in Japan, right? Everybody knows [Anderson] and Gallows in Japan. They’ve been there forever and paid their dues, and they killed everybody. Bullet Club and all that, which is fantastic.”