Rusev On His Current Position In WWE

Rusev recently spoke with the Gorilla Position (transcript courtesy via Here are some highlights.

Position in WWE:

“I have no control over any of that,” Rusev said of WWE’s booking. “I’m there to perform to the best of my abilities and whether I’m first on the card or last, champion or not, I mean I’m just gonna be me and keep doing what I do best. Eventually, one day you know cream rises to the top. So you know I’m waiting… I’m waiting for the rise.”

Getting to travel with Lana:

“We have a great time together, we’re having laughs. I drive all the time, she just sits to the side,” Rusev said. “But no, no troubles. When we go home I’ll hang out by myself maybe for a day and play video games and watch movies and we’re back together, yeah.”