Rusev Responds To Criticism of Bobby Lashley – Lana Wedding Segment

During an appearance on Jerry Lawler’s podcast, Rusev discussed the mixed reaction to the Bobby Lashley and Lana wedding segment from RAW:

“People hate it. People love it. But the power of social media … now it’s almost like, ‘I wanna be a cool guy and cheer against WWE.’ You can put the greatest segment in history, but there will be this 3% of people that are going to go ahead and bash it. And hey, you have your right. Go ahead and express it. I’m not gonna judge you for it.”

“There’s some people that want to see 3 hours of powerbombs. And hey, kudos to you. If that’s what you’re into, go ahead and find what works for you. But we are a broad company, we are entertainment. It’s not about powerbombs. It’s not about armdrags. It’s about entertaining millions and millions of people week in and week out.”