Rusev Shares Funny Story About His Time Working At Wendy’s (Video)

Former WWE superstar Rusev shared a funny story on his Youtube Channel about a time when he worked at a Wendy’s. The Bulgarian Brute says his employers made him put a “W” on the burgers to symbolize the restaurant’s name, a task that Rusev was not a fan of.

“They were making me put a ‘W’ on a burger,” he said. “You were supposed to with the mustard and if you work at Wendy’s please you can share that if it is still that way. You gotta draw a ‘W’ with the mustard. I did a couple times and I said, ‘that’s pretty stupid, obviously.’ No disrespect to Wendy’s So yeah, we would put in this ‘W’ and I was like ‘Man, this is really stupid. First of all, who is going to open their bun to see that there’s a “W?”‘ And I said, ‘Hey, Mr. Manager, what if you opened the burger the other way, the “W” becomes a “M” for McDonalds? And they’re like, ‘Ohhh, we never thought of that.’ So, anyways, it’s not a great story. Actually, it is a great story. A week later I never showed up to work. I was embarrassed to quit.”

He continued:

“I’ m 20 years old and I’m fresh off the boat. I’m probably a month in in the United States of America,” Rusev makes known, but was finally convinced he had to go and get paid by the piper. “I was so embarrassed to go and pick up my check after that but my friend was like, ‘Nah, man. This is money, you gotta go pick it up.’ So I got a $170 check.”

Check out his full video below.