Ryan Nemeth Speaks Out On Working In AEW, Talks Jon Huber Legacy Foundation

AEW star Ryan Nemeth recently appeared on the Into The Danger Zone podcast to promote his new film “HEEL” Here are some of the highlights:

Working in AEW:

“I will say it’s not a perfect company. They’re new, they’re growing, but it is the happiest, most creatively fulfilled and encouraged that I’ve ever felt in the context of pro wrestling ever, bar none in any case ever. It’s an amazing company, an amazing leadership, peers, the fan base, and Tony Khan rules. He’s awesome. Cody is a great leader for people there. The Young Bucks are so amazing in-ring and behind the scenes. They are very much in support of things that matter. Kenny is a great mentor for wrestlers. The leadership there is huge. It’s awesome. We have Amanda Huber on board now running the charity department. For a company to allow me, in writing, to say, ‘Yes, we encourage you to do acting and filmmaking projects and you will not be punished for it’, I thought, wow, this is amazing.”

The Jon Huber Legacy Foundation:

“I cared a lot about the Jon Huber Legacy Foundation, so I wanted to start raising money for that. I started selling prints of a portrait I did of him. I like doing things like that. That’s giving me no profit. I’m giving the money to the Legacy Foundation.”