Ryback Claims Triple H Isn’t Drug Tested and Talks On The WWE Wellness Policy

During his recent podcast, Ryback talked about the WWE Wellness policy and here are a few highlights:

On how the WWE Wellness policy works: “As far as I know nothing has probably changed on that, because it was all through Aegis, the third party. They’re working with WWE and their Doctor Black, where it was always multiple times a year, they’d just show up. Every once in a blue moon on a live event, like on a Friday. Typically though, it’d be on a TV [day[, Monday or Tuesday. You get to the building and [Mark] Carrano has his little coral of referees. They’d always tell you, ‘Yeah, you’ve gotta go see Mark, you need — drug testers are here.’ And which, I would always say, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna go eat first,’ because you get to the building after working out, you go and get some food. They try to get you in there really quickly though. And they corral you into the Talent Relations, and you all sit down in a big group in there. And you’re just drinking waters to wait until you have to piss. And eventually after I was there I just would do my own thing. I would go eat and get unpacked, get situated. I’d drink some water so that when I went in there I already had to piss. They get it; you get your ID, they do the whole check deal, the paperwork. And then you go to the bathroom and you pull your pants down to your ankles and you lift your shirt up and show the guy your t*ts, show him your d**k, and then you piss right in front of him. It’s really a — it’s a really annoying process in the grand scheme of things, because the people that get into that are f**king weirdos to begin with. And I mean, in all seriousness, it’s an odd job to get into…”

“And again, it’s all a cover by WWE to protect themselves. And there’s all this stuff — it’s not an enjoyable process, it is what it is. You know what you signed up for when you go there, you do it. But as far as I know, that’s what it is.”

On his claim that Triple H isn’t tested: “Hunter, there’s no way. And if he is, he’ll do one as a publicity stunt. Hunter’s whole career has been made on steroids. That’s f**king — I grew up watching the guy. Without them, he doesn’t exist in pro wrestling. And I grew up loving him as one of my favorites, and that’s what it is. It is very biased what they do there and all that. But the policy in and of itself, I love it. I wish they had strict drug-testing policies in all of wrestling.”