Ryback Issuing Legal Letters To Social Media Platforms, Claims He’s Lost 300K Followers

Former WWE star Ryback, who is known for speaking his mind on social media, is now taking a stand after claiming that the shadow-banning of his accounts by these platforms has cost him a significant number of followers.

In order to continue using the name after leaving WWE, Ryan Reeves legally changed his name to Ryback Reeves. This action sparked a legal dispute over the Ryback name’s trademark rights.

Since leaving, Ryback has been outspoken about the WWE, accusing them of being responsible for limiting the audience of his Twitter account among other things.

Ryback stated in a tweet that he had written legal letters to several social media companies asking them to limit his accounts. He listed the businesses, which included Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

According to the former WWE star, he has lost over 300,000 fans.

He wrote the following:

“Legal letters going out to all the social media companies today. We have given you every opportunity to do the right thing and this is going to be pursued if not made right. This isn’t a game and is bigger than just me. Shadow ban technology has NO PLACE being used to begin with and is rooted in evil and corruption. @elonmusk you have failed to deliver on what you said you would do and I hope you take this very seriously. @twitter @instagram @meta @youtube @tiktok_us @snapchat @wwe @Endeavor good luck.”