Ryback Talks Working In Hollywood, Being A Perfect Comic Book Villain & Favorite Wrestlers

As PWMania.com reported earlier, Ryback was in India last weekend doing promotional work for WWE 2K14 and spoke to reporters. In addition to blaming a WWE.com article for the “Goldberg” chants that he receives, he was asked who his favorite WWE Superstars were growing up.

“Growing up, I loved Razor Ramon, ‘The Bad Guy,’ I thought he was the coolest thing walking on the planet,” Ryback said, via DNA View. “But him, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and The British Bulldog were all interchangeable there for awhile. I liked Diesel, the big seven footer… It’s also cool because Razor Ramon – Scott Hall’s his real name – he texts me now or will call me and just says, ‘great job, keep doing what you’re doing.’ So for me, growing up he was my favorite, that’s pretty cool to me now that this guy that I grew up idolizing texts me now tells me, ‘good job.'”

Ryback also said that he “would love” to star in movies, although his “heart and soul is with WWE.” He noted that The Rock has done a great job in Hollywood, and feels like he would be a great comic book villain.

“I feel like I’d be the perfect comic book villain in a lot of these comic book movies,” Ryback said. “But I think it would take a special kind of WWE talent to go and do this sort of thing and still be a full time WWE talent and not miss too much work from WWE. But that’s something I would love to do if the opportunity presented itself.”