Sabu On Ric Flair: “He Never Liked My Uncle and Doesn’t Like Me For Some Reason”

Sabu recalled WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair being brutally honest and telling him he never liked him during an interview with WSI’s James Romero. The ECW Legend claimed that Flair didn’t like his uncle, wrestling legend The Sheik:

“He cut a promo one time, ‘I never liked you. I never liked your uncle.’ And I go, ‘What the f**k you gotta say that for?’ That’s what he felt. He never liked my uncle and doesn’t like me for some reason.”

“My uncle barely knew who he was. I had to tell him who Ric Flair was. He goes, ‘Which one is that?’ I said, ‘He’s the bland guy who’s the world champion.’ He goes, ‘Oh, the fat guy?’ ‘No. The guy who’s in shape, Ric Flair.’”

(h/t Sportskeeda)