Sami Zayn Believes He Was More Likely To Become WWE Champion Under Vince McMahon

Under Vince McMahon and Triple H’s innovative direction, Sami Zayn’s profile in the WWE has grown in recent years.

Zayn has held numerous WWE championships, including the NXT, Tag Team, and now the Intercontinental, after defeating GUNTHER as the IC Champion at WrestleMania XL last month. The World Title, whether Raw’s World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Championship on SmackDown, is one belt he has yet to capture.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Zayn explained why he believes his chances of becoming a WWE World Champion were better under McMahon’s leadership than Triple H. It all comes down to Triple H’s long-term strategy of booking with calculated decisions, whereas McMahon was notorious for making changes on the fly, sometimes hours before a show went live.

“I think Vince saw me much more as a bad guy, for a number of reasons. He saw my irksome qualities, which he thought lent itself to being an irksome character. Having said that, I think things were a lot more unpredictable because of the nature of Vince’s week-to-week kind of approach, that sometimes the marble would just fall in the right hole, and now you’re champion, whereas with Hunter, I think it’s much more he has longer-term vision, and if you’re not part of that vision, then the chances of breaking into that vision are much, much slimmer.”

Zayn described it as a double-edged sword, as Triple H may see him in a way that puts him in the mix, but he could also win the World Title by slipping on a banana peel. In any case, he gives it his all in the hopes of becoming a WWE Champion one day.