Sami Zayn’s WWE RAW Promo Gets High Praise From Legend

During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry gave high praise to Sami Zayn’s return promo on RAW:

“That was not written for him, they said ‘Sami, how do you feel about this situation?’ And he let the world have it,” he said. “I walked up to him and I said ‘Man, who the hell are you?’ Where has this guy been, all this time? He said ‘Mark, I’m not holding back no more,’ and I said don’t. There are people that can wrestle their ass off, but they don’t have to because they can get more done in a three-minute promo than some can in a twenty-minute match.”

“Sami, if you’re listening, do your thing. I want to see it, the fans want to see it. The thing that resonated the most with me was you sit out there and you point your fat fingers at people that are out here killing themselves, and you judge them. You judge them based on what you think, not on what you know.”