Samoa Joe Addresses Today’s Ring Of Honor Product, Talks Playing Sweet Tooth From Twisted Metal

Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor will air on pay-per-view on July 21st in Trenton, NJ. Samoa Joe will defend his ROH TV championship against Dalton Castle. Joe appeared on the “Under The Ring” podcast to discuss the show.

On the Ring of Honor product today:

“I think Ring of Honor has had a tremendous impact and influence on the industry as a whole. You know, when you look, especially throughout the past few decades at the top stars in this industry, you’ll find that many of them embrace Ring of Honor, and to help make this next evolution to build it back up as a place for new talent to kind of make their a stake in the world, and to be a part of that, it’s it’s a very, very fun process for me.”

On playing Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal:

“We premiere July 27th on Peacock. I’m looking forward to people getting to see it. I think it’s a really fun show, a really fun watch. Basically it kind of chronicles, it takes from the original PlayStation game. I played Needles Kane, aka Sweet Tooth, a psychopathic clown who drives a weapon laden ice cream truck and murders my way across America. So yeah, it’s a bit of a weird pitch, but if you’re in for a little bit of dark comedy fun, please, please, please tune in. Will Arnett (is the voice of the character). It’s a fantastic experience. You know, I was very, very fortunate. Both the cast and crew were awesome and made my transition into Needles Kane very, very easy. It was a lot of fun. You know, it’s very fun to inhabit a new character, especially one that’s pretty iconic for a lot of people, especially my generation. So yeah, it was an opportunity I jumped at and it was a very, very great experience and I’m excited for everybody to see the show.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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