Samoa Joe Replaces Jerry Lawler On Raw Commentary For Good

As previously reported, Samoa Joe has reportedly replaced Jerry Lawler on the Raw announce team. Joe still has not been cleared from his concussion suffered in February and it’s now said that he is considered to be Lawler’s permanent replacement. The Wrestling Observer reported the following this week:

“Regarding Samoa Joe, he is still not cleared to return, however he is also now considered the permanent replacement for Lawler as an announcer. What that means if/when he is cleared is that he may have the role where he announces and they can shoot angles for him to wrestle using that (since those kind of angles usually do well). Things could also change if later there are depth issues and they feel the need to have him as a full-time wrestler. Or he could mix the two.”

Lawler was originally replaced because of health concerns related to the CoronaVirus. We will keep you updated on developments.