Sasha Banks Reportedly Another Name Unhappy With WWE

Dave Meltzer of commented on WWE stars being interested in jumping ship to All Elite Wrestling and how WWE is handling the situation:

“It’s weird because WWE is pushing a lot of guys, a few guys, Andrade and [The Revival] to a degree because they don’t want to lose them. They don’t want people unhappy, they don’t want people to leave. They don’t want the word out that lots of people want to leave. Especially they don’t want the word out that people want to go to AEW.”

There are rumors and speculation about Sasha Banks being another name that is unhappy with her spot in WWE and that’s why she is suddenly being pushed. Meltzer noted the following about the situation:

“Yeah, well Sasha’s another one. I mean here’s the thing. WWE even though they have endless hours of television, they really do have a lot of people on the roster and everyone’s good.”