Sasha Banks Reportedly Has Far More Heat Than Naomi for Leaving WWE RAW

Regarding the current Sasha Banks and Naomi issues, the general feeling is that Banks is in far more heat than Naomi. According to reports, Naomi is still very popular backstage, and many believe Banks manipulated Naomi into walking out of RAW.

We have already confirmed that the backstage heat on Sasha Banks in WWE is real. Reports are suggesting that Banks is not highly regarded backstage in WWE. She had reportedly alienated everyone backstage at this point. Naomi, on the other hand, is said to be highly liked.

Bryan Alvarez of also addressed the matter during Wrestling Observer Live:

“I am literally aware of two people that have publicly said anything positive about Sasha. The funny thing is, this is all on Sasha. I haven’t heard anything about Naomi. No one has even mentioned Naomi, it’s all Sasha.”

“Internally, [I’m sure] Jimmy Uso is sticking up for Naomi and everything like that. Sure, somebody internally is gonna do whatever. But, I have not heard from one person. Not one that is sticking up for Sasha and Naomi and Naomi. And not only are they not sticking up for Sasha and Naomi but boy have I heard a lot of terms thrown around. Most of them are some derivative of the word “Mark.” Mark, F’N Mark, a Mark to a degree that is unfathomable. I have heard zero support for Sasha Banks in this situation. So, quite frankly if you want you can get mad at me if you want…I’ve been a lot nicer on this show than anything I’ve heard from people in WWE over the last 24 hours. Hey, if you want to come after me then go for it…Zero support, I’m talking zero. It’s funny [because] I haven’t heard anyone say anything about Naomi and she walked out too. It’s all about Sasha. I’ve heard it all – Mark, Diva, the list goes on and on. There is zero support for Sasha Banks walking out of WWE over all of this. People are furious. They think it’s ridiculous. They think that she’s whatever. So, that’s the story. Where this goes, I don’t know but literally, every single bit of support that I’ve seen for Sasha Banks coming out of this has either been from people in another company that weren’t there last night and that’s it…or fans. Her actual co-workers have zero sympathy for what happened here. I think that should probably tell you something. Again, we largely have the official WWE side of the story but I also heard from a lot of people obviously off the record in WWE and they are not sympathetic to this at all. These are people who have been presented with really stupid ideas and they’ve had to do them. They are not sympathetic on this one. I think that kind of tells you that she didn’t like some creative but the other wrestlers probably looked at that creative and thought ‘dude what are you complaining about? Both of you are gonna be headlining a pay-per-view in singles Championship matches. This is your job…’”

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