Sasha Banks Says That She Was Trained By WWE To Work Like A Diva

During an appearance on Kurt Angle’s podcast, Sasha Banks talked about her training in WWE developmental prior the women’s revolution:

“It was really tough. Still, back then they didn’t want us to train like the men. We were told to train like Divas and we didn’t have any explanation to what that meant. They just came out and said, ‘Hey, no striking, no doing this no doing that.’ We’re like, ‘Okay, but we wanna wrestle. We wanna do it.’ But training was every single day plus live events plus setting up the ring plus going to different towns and putting posters up so people could attend the shows. It was every single day sacrifice. I think maybe only Sunday I had off and that wasn’t even an off day cause you just had to recover mentally for what the next day was gonna bring.”