Sasha Banks Talks About Keeping Busy Outside Of Pro Wrestling Business

“The Boss” recently appeared on a charity stream to benefit Family Giving Tree.

Sasha Banks (Mercedes Varnado) joined Bayley on her Instagram Live and spoke about wrapping her first movie project as well as how she has been remaining busy outside of the pro wrestling industry.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On her experience filming her first movie: “Insane how full circle that is, to get a first movie and to know that it’s in Boston. It came at a weird point where I was right in the middle of training in Mexico, so I kind of had to choose what days I needed to give up for that. To go back and forth between Boston and Mexico was such an incredible experience that I can say that I did it, I accomplished that, and it’s cool.”

On how she is trying to slow down after being asked about her makeup tutorials: “I’m trying to slow down because I do too much. A makeup line is coming. A makeup brand is coming, tutorials are coming. I’m doing so much, especially the last [month] of 2022, December, I have a couple more weeks to get everything in order before the new year. I’m just working.”

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