Scott Dawson Opens Up About How He Almost Quit WWE

During an appearance on WWE Now, Scott Dawson opened up about how he almost quit WWE in 2017 when he got injured:

“I remember being so embarrassed that, that happened to us. I didn’t talk to people for months at a time. I told my wife, ‘I’m gonna ask for my release.’ I didn’t want to face…I feel that, at NXT, we were such a vital part of NXT. We helped that place grow and I thought we were one of Hunter’s guys and I didn’t want to face Hunter because I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want to face Dash, any of my friends or peers because I was so embarrassed that it happened to me. I just wanted to quit. I told my wife, ‘I can’t go back.’ Because I was so demoralized. But I knew coming back, I was like, ‘let’s give it a shot, we just have to work harder than everyone else like we’ve always done.’ It just added to the chip on our shoulder. It worked out.”