Scott Hall Discusses Appearing On Raw 25, Larry Zbyszko, More

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WWE Legend, Scott Hall is the special guest on X-Pac12360 and talks about Raw 25

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Scott Hall Talks About Larry Zbyszko and Having Other Wrestler’s Backs: Scott Hall: I worked with Larry Zbyszko back in what we used to call ‘broadway’, back in the day, you’ll have to educate your audience on that…

Sean Waltman: That’s a time limit draw.

Scott Hall:  Fans, we used to wrestle 15 to 20-minute draw and Zbyszko put me over… he led me through everything by the hand, so I’ve always been loyal to Larry. That’s why when we were on top in the NWO days, I’d involve Larry.I turned Dusty NWO because I never forgot what he did for me. You know how it is, you don’t forget the guys who helped you, you don’t forget the guys who treat you like sh**.

Scott Hall Mentions It Was His Fault For Not catching Sean “X-PAC” On The Moonsault: I had the luxury to talk to coyote, Mike Keota the referee “Is he up there?” You know, I’m selling the miss pose, I turn around and ask “If he’s ready (X-Pac)” he said yeah. I turned, you beat me. Now I’m on the floor, the ref is in the ring counting, So, I don’t have any more to ask or unless I could have asked somebody in the front row (laughs) is he ready? But I turned too fast cause I thought, this young guy is so nervous waiting for me. It was my fault, and I told you (Sean) about this before, I turned too soon then you saw me turning, you tried to hurry up so I wouldn’t look too stupid for standing there, and you slipt. You (Sean) hit that concrete bro & you were out. Your eyes rolled back, I look at Vince &  he looked down. Now, watching the commentary back he (Vince) was blowing me off, he was commentating. I rolled you in the ring, I look at Vince and went f’ it, pin him.

Scott Hall Mentions The First Ever Angle on RAW:Scott Hall: People of a certain age are aware that we (X-PAC & Scott) did the first ever angle on RAW ever, when you beat Razor. It was an iconic moment on RAW. By the way, they showed it on RAW (Razer vs X-PAC) that you beat me. They don’t show me dominating you.

Sean Waltman: They showed the other night that you chopped the sh** out of me. (Laughs)

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman gives his thoughts on Ricochet signing with WWE: Guys my age think that guys his age should slow down… All those things are correctable. The fact that he can do all those things that he does, okay, a lot of hard work goes into that, but 99.99 percent of people on this earth could work just as hard as him and could never be able to even come close to doing the shit that guy (Ricochet) does. I’ll take that. You can teach him all the other things, he might have shortcomings as far as chinks in his armor when it comes to his work. Which are very few.

Scott Hall received a message from the WWE office about the 25th Anniversary of RAW: I just got a text from the office that said, “Please bring your ring gear.” I said, “Are you ribbing me? You’re going to tell me like three or four days in advance ya know? Give me a little notice and for the right money, I’ll have abs showing. I said, “Now, how about I bring what I wear to appearances?” I’ve got gimmick street clothes. But I think we’re going to have a rematch, so I’m just giving you a heads up. I think it’s about time I went over.

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