Scott Steiner Claims He Slept With 15K Women In One Year, Shoots On Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Dixie Carter

During a conference call to promote the Slammiversary PPV, Scott Steiner claimed that he slept with 15,000 women in a one-year period. If you do the math, that would mean he slept with an average of 41 women a day.

Steiner also had some strong words and here are a few highlights:

The difference between Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter: “If you talk to anybody, there’s a huge difference. When people see Jeff, they know that he knows what he’s doing. Clearly, everyone knew that Dixie didn’t know what she was doing. She was a mark wanting to be on TV, it’s night and day. People wanna come to work, they’re excited about what everyone is doing and it is a totally different atmosphere.”

What changes WWE should make: “The first change they should make is getting rid of Stephanie McMahon and Hunter McMahon because they’re two idiots who are running the whole place up there. It’s like, I feel sorry for the wrestlers nowadays. They’ve got to follow the instructions of these two idiots that clearly don’t know what they’re doing. They’re not watching because the ratings are down and the reason why I call him Hunter McMahon is because she obviously wears the pants.”