Scrypts Looks Back On His Career As A Circus Performer And Acrobat

WWE star Scrypts recently spoke with Grapple Glory on a number of topics including taking a ten-week acrobat course.

Scrypts said, “We trained for nine weeks and then the 10th week, we put on a show. That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. First time in my life, [at] 11 years old, I was able to be a kid, doing something I actually enjoyed doing. [I] didn’t have to worry about no guns, no gangs, no drugs, no violence, no judging or nothing.”

On trying out for the circus:

“I get to Montreal — three-year program. Struggles. Struggles, struggles, struggles. But … I wasn’t going back to St. Louis. And then, honestly, the rest is history.”

You can check out Scrypts’ comments in the video below.